While Probiotics have become more widely known and very popular, Prebiotics have been under the radar.

Recent studies and publications from the medical community are beginning to change the consumers awareness of Prebiotics. Benefits of Probiotics increase when accompanied by Prebiotics. Essentially, natural Prebiotic fiber become nutrient sources, or “fuel,” for the beneficial bacteria to flourish in your digestive system.

Prebiotics work together with Probiotics to allow specific healthy changes within our digestive system. They play a key role in health by increasing and balancing the presence of good bacteria in our digestive system. Unfortunately many diets lack natural plant food and contain too many processed foods that have impacted our health, quality of life and mortality. Because the health of our gut is closely tied to many other bodily functions, Prebiotics and Probiotics together are important for battling inflammation and lowering overall disease risk.

Higher intakes of Prebiotics are linked to benefits including:

• Improved energy
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Improved digestion
• Lower stress response
• Promote healthy hormone balance
• Higher immune function
• Helps maintain healthy weight
• Helps support the immune system