Karuna Boost Cafe Turmerific is a plant-based coffee drink infused with turmeric.
Karuna Boost Cafe Vino is a plant-based coffee drink that uses fairtrade organic coffee beans, aged in wine barrels.

Karuna Boost


Give your body the natural and healthy energy that it needs each morning with Karuna Boost. Keeping in-tune with the Karuna philosphy of compassion of our earth, these plant-based coffee drinks are made with only the finest fair-trade coffee beans and are naturally sweetened with recovered Chinese Dates. With less caffeine than the standard eight ounce cup of coffee and no added sugar allowed, Karuna’s ready-to-drink coffee infusions are the perfect companion to start your day off right.

Coffee Bean

Coffee is a staple in the American diet, providing much-needed energy in the mornings. However, the coffee beans chosen for Karuna Boost are of utmost quality. Choosing only fair-trade, responsibly grown coffee beans, we know that our coffee drinks are eco-friendly – furthering the Karuna philosophy of compassion for ourselves and the earth.

Chinese Dates Red & Honey Dates

A recovered byproduct of our Karuna Hydrate fruit-infused water, Chinese dates add a natural sweetness to Karuna Boost while furthering our mission of sustainability. The recovered date pulps are packed full of fiber to satiate your morning hunger, and they contain essential vitamins and minerals.

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Turmeric is a perennial herb which is found in India and boasts many health benefits, including its power to heal.

Used in many recipes, turmeric calms the body by reducing inflammation, soothing gastrointestinal irritations, and clearing toxins from the body. This superfood has also been used in herbal medicinal remedies for centuries, and its antioxidant power is believed to aid in preventing and treating cancer.

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