Karuna Hydrate


Crisp, light, and low in calories, Karuna Hydrate’s fruity flavored waters are made from some of the most treasured healthy fruits in Eastern Asia. Each ingredient was selected for its hearty abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential minerals. Each bottle of Karuna Hydrate offers a refreshing path to invigorating your mind and energizing your body.

Longan Fruit

Native to southern Asia and cousin to the Lychee fruit, the tropical longan fruits found in Karuna Hydrate have long been valued for their juicy, succulent qualities. The fruits’ clear, jelly-like texture pairs harmoniously with their mildly smoky-sweet flavor, and are rich in vitamin B and C, iron, copper, and many other minerals.

The legendary longans, both dried and fresh, have been included in Eastern Asian cuisine, and contain 15 times more iron than spinach. They are also believed by many to elicit relaxation, preserve energy, boost endurance, as well as nourish the skin and promote healthy hair.

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Chinese Dates Red & Honey Dates

Chinese dates were selected for more than adding a touch of sweetness to the layers of exotic, earthy flavor to Karuna Hydrate. Widely popular in Eastern and Central Asia as a healthy and nutritious treat due to their subtle, honeyed flavor, these dates prove to be more than a delicious treat. These dates are vitamin-rich and contain fiber and many other minerals that are essential for building and mindfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Chinese dates are also used in many traditional remedies for those wanting to improve healthy blood production, aid the digestive system, and desire a natural way to boost energy.

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