Brand Ambassador: Carol Stocks

Carol Stocks is the Co-Owner and Co-Director of Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis, and she has been teaching yoga for over 14 years.


Carol Stocks, Karuna Brand Ambassador and Co-Owner of Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis, is a lifelong dancer and athlete. While she was working an IT consulting job, she began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2001. She was immediately hooked!

Bikram Yoga inspired Carol to quit her desk job, and pursue Bikram Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA. In September 2003, Carol and fellow Karuna Brand Ambassador Erin Stack opened the doors to Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis. It has been a dream running the business that she has built with her partner.

When not teaching, Carol loves being a mom to her young son. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important in both her career and family life, and Carol tries to feed herself and her family a balanced, healthy diet. She supports Karuna beverages because they are high-quality and nutritious!

A healthy body starts with what you are feeding it. These beverages are derived from high-quality, natural ingredients that give you a boost of nutrients to keep your body humming!

Our Brand Ambassadors choose to support the Karuna brand because we align with their values. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our belief that creating delicious products from wholesome, simple ingredients, being active and striving for compassion for all. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please contact us at

Stay tuned! Our brand ambassadors will continue to be announced on our blog.

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