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Choosing Healthy Beverages

Co-Founder and CEO of Karuna, Dr. Angela Zeng discusses the considerations to make before choosing healthy beverages. Make a healthy choice: Pick low-sugar, organic, nutrient-filled super foods to power your day.

Angela Zeng featured on HEC Media — Immigrant blends East and West with St. Louis-based Smoothie company

Karuna founder, Angela Zeng, was recently featured on, St. Louis’ Home of Education, Arts and Culture. She speaks of her origin story and lifelong pursuit of good health. Also about stepping into the health food market, following her dream to create a business she believed in. Now, her smoothies are among the most popular [...]

Superfood and Seasonal Eating

The Importance of Choosing What To Eat and When To Eat It In the food industry, we love the term Superfood and want to put it in our marketing messages. Well, what exactly is Superfood and is it real, or simply a scam? I touched upon these topics in my previous blog article Superfood or Scam. One [...]

Karuna Viva & Far East Wisdom

It is March the Women’s History Month, while we celebrate women’s contributions to the humanity, let’s don’t forget it has been a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak COVID-19 as a pandemic. As of 14 March 2021, more than 119 million cases have been confirmed, with more than 2.64 million deaths attributed to COVID-19, [...]

Angela Zeng, Karuna CEO, On Extremes of Work Life Balance and Being A Female Business Leader During COVID-19

Karuna’s founder and CEO, Angela Zeng, was recently featured in Authority Magazine as a successful woman and mother entrepreneur with great success in the midst of the pandemic.  How Angela Zeng of Karuna Wellness Beverages Tackles The Extreme Work Life Balance Of Being A Woman Business Leader During COVID-19 "There are multiple philosophies that I [...]

Empower Your Performance with Karuna Smoothies

If you’re an athlete or runner or simply an active person, chances are you need a little extra get-up-and-go in your diet to support your active lifestyle and rockin’ body. For anyone serious about their health and performance, emphasizing the overall importance of nutrition leads to excellence. In recent years, athletes have been bombarded with information pertaining to [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention Tips: Antioxidants & Immunity

During the outbreak of COVID-19, people turn to natural food and remedies with immunity boosting capabilities. It has been well demonstrated that natural antioxidants play an important role in maintaining and strengthening our immune system. If you agree pathogens including viruses are products of nature, then the antioxidants are the antidotes Mother Nature gives us. Antioxidants are biochemical [...]

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