2 Reasons Why Karuna Means Compassion

Simply put, Karuna means compassion. From a Buddhist perspective, the most common translation for the word karuna is in fact, compassion! This focus on compassion is active sympathy for those around us; it’s also a practice that is tested and strengthened over time.

This definition of compassion isn’t limited to one area or element of our lives, either. Compassion carries the burden for others and is the perfect fit for our overall approach to life.

For instance, when it comes to our health, the ingredients we put into our bodies have an incredible impact on how we feel. Since eating right helps lead to the perfect harmony for our bodies, Karuna beverages seek to create only truly natural, healthy products without being wasteful.

Karuna beverages were built on this foundation of compassion in two ways: by actively advocating for better health and passionately caring for the environment around us.

1. Health Advocacy

In terms of our health, it takes continual education and mindfulness about our diets and daily activities in order to do what’s best for our bodies.

Living in a world where options are endless and every major food and beverage brand is making the clean or natural claim, we have to tread carefully. These claims cause us to either distrust those brands for not being entirely truthful, or accept the claim without a second thought.

Karuna means compassion and this philosophy means Karuna beverages are making waves as a true health advocate for all people; they’re a solution to the state of the common, current, unhealthy diet that many people have adopted. But because the state of your health matters all the time, Karuna is opening up opportunities for more conversations around health and health education.

The individual ingredients in Karuna beverages are each chosen based on their maximum, natural health benefits. And when combined, like the Aronia berries and Mung bean sprouts in Heal juice, our bodies see better results, like detoxifying our system from impurities or in some cases, reducing the need for medications to treat allergies and other ailments with such powerful antioxidants.

Each recipe was influenced by time-tested East Asian recipes with wholesome ingredients that are neither artificial nor processed in any way.

Karuna beverages champion the belief that food acts as medicine because certain foods have the ability to treat our bodies in powerfully healing ways. They also offer a good source of natural prebiotic fibers, which is critical for overall gut health.

2. Environmental Responsibility

Karuna means compassion because health advocacy doesn’t stop with helping people, but translates into caring for the health of the environment too!

Karuna beverages see food waste as an unnecessary evil, not only because of its effect on the planet, but because of a commitment to consistency and a practice of food safety.

By using entire plants in production, food waste is brought to a minimum and Karuna offers resources to shed insight on eliminating food waste from your daily routine.

Karuna means compassion because our bodies and our world need more of it! From ingredients that help regulate bodily functions and support an active lifestyle to a process that functions for reducing food waste, compassion is alive and thriving.

About the Author:

Angela earned her Ph.D. in Pathology from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and her MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Angela has an extensive background in medical research, she was a recipient of American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship and Northwestern University School of Medicine Post-doctoral Fellowship. Her research topics ranged from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. Angela had lead pipeline planning and business development in pharmaceutical and international juice industry. Angela’s passion for natural healing is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal sciences, she started collecting and experimenting herbal recipes since age 5 and apply “Food-As-Medicine” to her daily family life. For more story on Angela Zeng please visit: Package Design Featured Karuna