5 Benefits of Antioxidants

You’ve heard you need to eat more foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, apples, and bean sprouts. These superfoods promote good health and prevent disease. But to the average layperson, what does that really mean?

To use a loose analogy, think of your body like a car’s engine. You add fuel to your engine and it gets you where you need to go. Over time however, the normal wear and tear of driving can cause gunk and grime to build up. And without proper care, your engine will start to underperform and eventually break down.

In a similar fashion, your body naturally produces “gunk” in the form of free radicals. These damaging groups of atoms are formed when the food we eat is converted into energy, when we exercise, and when we are exposed to environmental pollutants. This is where antioxidants step in! They work hard to help detox your body and promote good health. And that’s why we use these kinds of ingredients in every bottle of Karuna. Here are 5 benefits to consuming foods rich in antioxidants:

1. Cancer prevention

Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that cause damage on the cellular level. Among other things, this includes potential damage to our DNA, which if unchecked may eventually lead to cancer. The good news is that antioxidants can help by neutralizing these chemical reactions, aiding in cancer prevention.

2.  Heart Health

In addition to regular exercise, foods rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fruits and veggies also provide a number of very important nutrients most people fall short on, including folate, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, as well as vitamins A, C, and K (SOURCE).

3. A Better Brain

Eating a diet high in vitamins C and E can boost cognitive function and reduce your risk of dementia. In fact, one study showed that people who consumed high levels of vitamin C reduced their risk of Alzheimer’s by 34%. Diets rich in vitamin E appeared to be even more protective, slashing the threat of dementia by nearly half (SOURCE).

4. Eye Health

Environmental factors like exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light can be damaging to the eyes over time. However, studies have shown that combinations of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and zinc can significantly reduce the risk of age-related eye conditions, such as macular degeneration (SOURCE).

5. Skin Care

Free radicals can damage the skin, speed up the aging process, and make you appear older. Luckily antioxidants can help by increasing collagen production, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and by reducing age spots and acne.

At Karuna we treat food and drinks seriously; our products are backed by science and research. We work to bring you delicious drinks with almost magical health benefits. So, if you’re looking to capitalize on the natural restorative properties of antioxidants, look no further than Karuna. Our Karuna Bean Sprout & Aronia Berry juice provides antioxidants equal to over 3 cups of blueberries! Complete with essential vitamins and minerals, Karuna Heal will replenish and reactivate your vitality.

About the Author:

Angela earned her Ph.D. in Pathology from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and her MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Angela has an extensive background in medical research, she was a recipient of American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship and Northwestern University School of Medicine Post-doctoral Fellowship. Her research topics ranged from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. Angela had lead pipeline planning and business development in pharmaceutical and international juice industry. Angela’s passion for natural healing is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal sciences, she started collecting and experimenting herbal recipes since age 5 and apply “Food-As-Medicine” to her daily family life. For more story on Angela Zeng please visit: Package Design Featured Karuna