Cold, Flu, Adenovirus, or COVID-19? A deeper look at the symptoms

In my last blog article, before the COVID-19 spread to the US, I looked into ways of preventions by simply changing our daily habits. Unfortunately, in less than one month, the coronavirus landed in the US and many other countries, causing the worldwide pandemic. No matter how you view it, the COVID-19 has already become a public health crisis that negatively impacts everyone’s daily life. And the worst of all, we are in the spring-summer transition stage, which means we are also dealing with the common cold, flu, adenovirus, and seasonal allergy. When you start to feel under the weather, how do you tell which one you got? The table below summarizes the typical symptoms of these common illness we can experience in spring season:

For preventions and treatment please follow health experts’ advice, you can find info in my prior article and remember building your own immunity and live a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way of disease prevention!