Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

With 2018 quickly approaching, we’ve put together a list of healthy habits for the whole family to adopt!

January is that highly anticipated month out of every calendar year that emphasizes making New Year’s resolutions, the most popular being eating healthier and losing weight. As advocates of health and wellness for all people and our environment, we’re strong supporters of this refreshed take on healthy living that people adopt in order to better themselves.

Oftentimes, resolutions are seen as individual goals or aspirations, rather than collective ones. And yet, resolutions are that much harder to stick to when you’re motivating yourself instead of working together with others to be healthier.

That’s why we’re lining up a variety of healthy habits your whole family will enjoy. Check out the following list of dedicated and accessible resources to gear your family up for a healthy new year!

1. Attend Whole Kids Club events hosted by Whole Foods Market

Early in the New Year, Whole Foods Markets will host their first Whole Kids Club event of 2018: Play Your Art Out at the SLTRC Studio in the Chesterfield Mall!

Each Whole Kids Club event takes place the first Friday of every month and they are designed for kids and their families to experience healthy living. January’s theme is about developing respect for each other and the planet through art and play.

Each Whole Kids Club event is FREE. All you have to do is grab your Play Pass at any St. Louis area Whole Foods Market and bring it to the Chesterfield Studio the first Friday of any month through the month of April.

2. Try new ingredients and recipes

Adding more fruits and veggies to your family’s diet is always a best practice since it will become one of your greatest healthy habits! After all, fruits and veggies can help lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke, and can have a positive effect on your blood sugar.

Plant-based dieters, like our friends PlantBasedStef and Vegan with Curves, consume fruits and veggies more often than your average omnivore, giving them increased energy levels and in some cases, a cleaner bill of health.

This winter, put your own spin on new ingredients and recipes that everyone’s taste buds will thank you for. Winter squash is one option that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Quinoa, flaxseed, mung bean sprouts and Aronia berries found in a variety of Karuna beverages also have proven health benefits such as the ability to detox your system or lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Keep moving and stay active!

Exercise is arguably the most critical of the healthy habits you can encourage your family to practice. A recent study conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that if obesity trends continue as they are now, as much as 57% of children today will be obese by age 35!

Physical activity and exercise modified for your family’s needs will not only lead to healthier weight levels, but it will instill in children and adults alike how to establish healthy habits for a lifetime.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “Regular physical activity helps the body function better – it keeps heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other diseases at bay, and is a key component for losing weight.”

Once you are mindful of your family’s needs and abilities, these healthy habits will be positive changes to include in your day-to-day activities. Advocating for your family’s health is a compassionate effort and reveals your dedication to improving their overall well-being!

About the Author:

Angela earned her Ph.D. in Pathology from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and her MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Angela has an extensive background in medical research, she was a recipient of American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship and Northwestern University School of Medicine Post-doctoral Fellowship. Her research topics ranged from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. Angela had lead pipeline planning and business development in pharmaceutical and international juice industry. Angela’s passion for natural healing is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal sciences, she started collecting and experimenting herbal recipes since age 5 and apply “Food-As-Medicine” to her daily family life. For more story on Angela Zeng please visit: Package Design Featured Karuna