Karuna recently rolled out its newest plant-based nutritional shake, Divine Pinkalicious!

Karuna Fuel’s newest addition, Divine Pinkalicious, hit the shelves at select grocery stores last Friday, April 28th! This all new flavor of gives you a healthy dose of plant-based protein and complex carbs, all while tasting sweet and fruity. Divine Pinkalicious is sure to please even picky eaters!

The yummy plant-based nutritional shake gets its sweetness from its carefully selected ingredients, and as with all Karuna beverages, there is no added sugar allowed.

Pineapple and aronia berry provide the fruity flavors, but there is something extra special about this drink. Divine Pinkalicious is naturally sweetened with Chinese Dates – a byproduct from Karuna Hydrate fruit infused waters.

Using the Chinese Date pulp – leftover from our Sunny Date and Fruity Longan drinks – Karuna is reducing food waste even further. Our philosophy is to be kind and compassionate towards our bodies and the earth that we live in.

By refining our processes to use byproduct from one drink to make another, we at Karuna are making sure that little is wasted, and you get every ounce of wholesome goodness from each of our hand-selected ingredients.

Get an exclusive taste of Karuna Fuel Divine Pinkalicious in stores at United Provisions and Whole Foods Market – Brentwood through 5/12 – before it hits shelves in other stores!