Vision 2017

The 3rd Annual VISION 2017 Symposium on October 19th is a local effort designed to feature female, immigrant or minority St. Louis business owners and how they’ve made an impact in our community. Taking place at St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley, this event cultivates conversation around how these locally-based entrepreneurs got started in their industries through workshops, round-table discussions, networking and more.

The mission of VISION 2017 to give a voice to these innovators is one that resonates with us at Karuna, a brand built on the passions of an inspiring woman who came to America from China and has focused on changing our community for the better ever since. Our very own Angela Zeng is the co-founder of Karuna, passionate promoter of health and now the table host for the “Entrepreneur Roundtables: Getting the Real Story about Starting a Business” session.

The concept behind the Karuna philosophy is that of compassion. Angela Zeng ensures each Karuna beverage is crafted purposefully around social and environmental responsibility. In less than one year, Karuna has evolved from an idea into a product that gets noticed as a finalist at the World Beverage Innovation Awards!

Register for VISION 2017 to learn more about Karuna’s dedication to making healthy lifestyles accessible and a priority for our community.