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Collegiate Athlete Takes Game and Studies To Next Level With Karuna

Rowan Lapi St. Louis, MO (July 2021) —  Northwestern University center midfielder Rowan Lapi says she’s always trying to better herself both on the field and in the classroom.  That’s why the collegiate soccer player turns to Karuna Beverages to fuel her mind and body. The company is excited to announce Lapi as [...]

Karuna Expands its Line of Whole Plant-Based Drinks Throughout East Coast

St. Louis, Mo. (July 18, 2021) — East Coast-area shoppers seeking sustainably-produced, healthier beverage options have something to celebrate: Karuna’s plant-based prebiotic and antioxidant drinks are now available at more than 100 GIANT Company stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The products will be available at select GIANT and MARTIN’S stores as well [...]

Olympic Athlete Teams up With Karuna for Whole Plant-Based Fueling

Remedy Rule St. Louis, MO (July 16, 2021) — As she prepares to compete against the best in the world, Olympic swimmer Remedy Rule is fueling up with Karuna Beverages.   The company is excited to announce Rule as the newest ambassador of its plant-based prebiotic and antioxidant drinks. Ms. Rule will compete in [...]

Karuna Continues to Gain Accolades as an Award-Winning Beverage Brand

BEST JUICE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Ever since Karuna products launched in early 2017, the brand has earned strong praise from the industry and customers alike and has quickly gained notice through a variety of food and beverage accolades. To date, Karuna has been recognized as a finalist for the 2020 Expo-West NEXTY [...]

Karuna’s Founder, Angela Zeng, Continues to Share Her Experience as an Entrepreneur and Diverse Business Leader

‘Karuna’ directly translates to compassion in Buddhism, and for Karuna, that means making health and wellness more accessible and convenient. Karuna’s founder and CEO, Angela Zeng, has made it her company’s mission to guide people along a better path to wellness and that includes aligning with like-minded organizations to share how diversity in experience, cultures [...]

Angela Zeng, Karuna CEO, On Extremes of Work Life Balance and Being A Female Business Leader During COVID-19

Karuna’s founder and CEO, Angela Zeng, was recently featured in Authority Magazine as a successful woman and mother entrepreneur with great success in the midst of the pandemic.  How Angela Zeng of Karuna Wellness Beverages Tackles The Extreme Work Life Balance Of Being A Woman Business Leader During COVID-19 "There are multiple philosophies that I [...]

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"I’ve been enjoying Karuna drinks for about a year now. The benefits have been very evident. The power detox helped me immensely with seasonal allergies last year. After drinking the detox regularly for about 4 months, I no longer needed to take over the counter allergy medicine. The coffee with turmeric has been a great pain reliever working faster for me than any pain medication I’ve taken. The protein shakes are delicious and filling - the best meal replacements I’ve ever had."
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"My very favorite drinks are Karuna smoothies. They are delicious – and very healthy. My health coach is thrilled that these are my choices rather than things chocolate, and they are helping keep my weight under control."
"The Organic Mung Bean Sprout & Aronia Berry drink greatly reduces the inflammation and pain I've had in my abdominal and intestinal areas, since having surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments for Colon Cancer. Prior to drinking this, I experienced significant abdominal pain and bloating on a daily basis. The many health benefits of this drink are amazing and an essential part of my wellness routine."
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"I drink Detox on Sunday morning, and then I have a Karuna Smoothie pretty much everyday. I like the natural Protein and I feel constant energy without the highs and lows. Now that I understand Prebiotics, it all makes sense. Without the right Prebiotic fuel – the Probiotics aren’t as effective. Karuna just makes good sense!"
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