Yahoo Lifestyle recently featured an interview with Karuna’s founder, Angela Zeng. In the article, Zeng revealed plans to expand into international markets and discussed her views on the superherbs trend.

The interview highlighted the difference between the marketing term of superherb and Karuna’s focus on a balance between ancient remedies and medical science backing up their health benefits. Zeng expressed concern about the recent mainstreaming of cannabis as one example of the former. Food and drinks infused with CBD, the extract of cannabis, are becoming more common in some states despite the fact that there is little peer-reviewed research on the safety and efficacy (and the products remain illegal on a federal level.) 1

The article also focused on the value of the natural food available on our planet and how human engineering simply cannot replicate nature’s resources.

“We believe natural food products should incorporate healthy ingredients in their natural forms rather than mixing various processed extracts, such as purified protein,” said Zeng. “Over millions of years, our planet has created abundant natural food crops that contain a wide variety of healthy ingredients.”

To further protect our planet’s resources, Zeng said that Karuna aims to eventually move into even more sustainable packaging than its current bottles, which are made with recyclable level 1 BPA-free plastic.

Read more about Zeng’s thoughts on the natural food market and sustainability in the article, which originally appeared in Pop Diaries.