Karuna means compassion

We combine our compassion with our passion for educating and resetting expectations regarding health and well-being, one person, one beverage at a time.

Our roots are balanced between ancient far east remedies regarding food as medicine and modern nutrition backed by medical science.

Each beverage works to restore health thru whole plant based ingredients. Ingredients are carefully chosen for their functional benefits to restore digestive health with Prebiotics, provide antioxidants, deliver clean protein, and provide sustained energy.

As a prerequisite of respect for body, soul, and planet, we work with many farmers to secure Non GMO and Organic ingredients while working to minimize our carbon footprint. And, of course, we never add sugar. Finally, we grow our own Organic Mung Bean Sprouts making Karuna a proud harvest to bottle beverage company.

Our responsibility to care for each other
and for our Planet

Each ingredient found in Karuna’s whole plant-based drinks is intended to be uplifting. Our mission strives for sustainability—to use nearly every ounce of the high-quality Aronia Berries, Mung Bean Sprouts, Dates, and Black Soybeans. The less waste produced, the more nutrients we have delivered to you, and the lower our carbon footprint.

The power of whole plant ingredients

For ages, our Earth has provided us with an abundance of simple, natural, nutritious plant-based ingredients—not just to sustain life, but to help it flourish. Karuna is passionate about educating and providing the highest organic and Non GMO antioxidant, Prebiotic Fiber, clean protein, and nutrition ingredients.

Compassion for yourself means well-rounded care

Your journey to self-compassion should begin by feeding the soul, caring for the body, and stimulating the mind. We strive to cultivate harmony for all three by combining the simplicity of wholesome, plant-based ingredients, and the innovation of modern science. Together in perfect balance, Karuna blends the perfect union of deliciously taste, and ingredients contributing to total well-being.


Angela came to America from China in 1996. She initially struggled with the lack of plant food in our diets and our highly processed foods. After becoming a doctor of Pathology, she and her husband, a doctor of Oncology, were determined to provide a true plant based alternative beverage. Their belief is the right food can act as medicine and aid in preventing many health issues. Karuna Beverages challenges everything the legacy beverage companies have done. “With our philosophy that diet can improve and prevent many health issues we are proud to share Karuna Beverages.” – Angela Zeng PHD, MBA

The root of good health.