Forbes Features Karuna in its Technology Council Section

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Forbes recently featured Karuna in its Technology Council section.1 The article highlighted Karuna’s functional ingredients and their link to longevity. Forbes used Karuna as an example of a trend in food science to turn away from linear reductionism, the belief that people only need specific components, like carbs, protein and fiber, in order to be [...]

Prebiotics And Gut Flora

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With more probiotic products coming to the market, a growing amount of consumers now understand the importance of maintaining a healthy gut flora for their health. How about prebiotics? Most health experts and doctors will tell you prebiotics can help to rebuild a healthy gut flora and more and more studies have shown taking natural prebiotics [...]

Brand Ambassador: Arica Brown

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Arica Brown is the Founder , Executive and Artistic Director, and Resident Choreographer of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company and Karuna's October 2017 Brand Ambassador. Arica Brown Karuna Brand Ambassador Consuming Kinetics Dance Company (CKDC) is a 501c3 non-profit professional dance company and community dance education center in the Central West End offering dance instruction to [...]

Brand Ambassador: Craig Miller

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Craig Miller, Karuna Brand Ambassador, has been a student of Tai Chi for over 15 years, and he has been teaching for eight years. Craig Miller began his Tai Chi journey while taking his Mom to a class, hoping it would help her with her Parkinson’s disease.  He started feeling the health benefits himself almost immediately.  He [...]

Brand Ambassador: Vicki Bensinger

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Vicki Bensinger discovered her passion for great food and cooking as a child. She became a culinary instructor in 1992, and she is a proud supporter of Karuna beverages today. Vicki Bensinger was born and raised in St. Louis. She grew up with her extended family, which is she where she developed her passion for cooking. [...]

Brand Ambassador: Erin Stack

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Erin Stack fell in love with Bikram Yoga in 2001, which lead her to found Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis with her business partner - and fellow Karuna Brand Ambassador - Carol Stocks. In the years before starting her own business, Erin Stack earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Truman State University. [...]

Brand Ambassador: Carol Stocks

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Carol Stocks is the Co-Owner and Co-Director of Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis, and she has been teaching yoga for over 14 years. Carol Stocks, Karuna Brand Ambassador and Co-Owner of Pure Hot Yoga in St. Louis, is a lifelong dancer and athlete. While she was working an IT consulting job, she began practicing Bikram Yoga [...]

Brand Ambassador: Dr. Virgin

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Dr. Herbert Virgin, MD, PhD, is a professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, teaching and studying infectious disease. In his work, Dr. Virgin studies inflammatory and infectious diseases, focusing on mechanisms that operate within living organisms. He spends time reviewing host pathways, which are especially important for human disease susceptibility and resistance. [...]

Brand Ambassador: Alison Hyde

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Alison Hyde is a 200-hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, a Ki-Hara Master Trainer and practitioner, and personal trainer.  She began her career as a fitness professional in 2004, after realizing that her stressful job as a corporate designer was leading to anxiety disorders and an unhealthy lifestyle.  After a few years teaching a very full schedule [...]

Brand Ambassador: Heidi Marie Harris

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Heidi Marie Harris is the Associate Concertmaster of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Her first job with the SLSO was as a section violinist, which she won while still attending the New England Conservatory during her senior year of college. A few years later she secured a section position in the Chicago Symphony where she remained [...]

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