Karuna Co-Founder Represented at the VISION 2017 Symposium

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The 3rd Annual VISION 2017 Symposium on October 19th is a local effort designed to feature female, immigrant or minority St. Louis business owners and how they’ve made an impact in our community. Taking place at St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley, this event cultivates conversation around how these locally-based entrepreneurs got started in their [...]

Fox 2 News Showcases New Karuna Drinks

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Fox 2 News in St. Louis invited Karuna's co-founder, Dr. Angela Zeng to this morning's show, to discuss Karuna's three new plant-based drinks. Karuna co-founder, Dr. Angela Zeng, visited John Pertzborn at the Fox 2 News studio in St. Louis this morning to showcase the brand's three new drinks: Cafe Turmerific, Cafe Vino, and Divine Pinkalicious. After [...]

A Whole New Way to Fuel: Divine Pinkalicious

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Karuna recently rolled out its newest plant-based nutritional shake, Divine Pinkalicious! Karuna Fuel's newest addition, Divine Pinkalicious, hit the shelves at select grocery stores last Friday, April 28th! This all new flavor of gives you a healthy dose of plant-based protein and complex carbs, all while tasting sweet and fruity. Divine Pinkalicious is sure to please [...]

St. Louis Business Journal Impressed by Karuna Beverages

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Today, the St. Louis Business Journal ran a story on Karuna's competitive edge in the beverage industry. Karuna beverages are receiving lots attention from the media while shaking up the healthy beverage industry. The Saint Louis Business Journal interviewed Angela Zeng, co-founder of Karuna beverages and was impressed with the self-funded start-up. Karuna was created to make [...]

Karuna Recently Featured in Ladue News

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Karuna Beverages were recently featured on the cover of Ladue News. Check out the article below! Made in downtown St. Louis, Karuna beverages has been catching the attention of many local news publications. Ladue News featured the nutritious and unique plant-based beverages in their February 24, 2017 issue. Karuna was honored to be showcased on the [...]

Organic Food Waste Reduction Made Easy

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Many food and beverage brands fail to take sustainability into consideration. With the help of Total Organics Recycling, Karuna is furthering its philosophy of food waste reduction. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, around one-third of all food produced in the world is wasted. From careless production processes to consumer waste, that's over 1.4 billion US tons [...]

How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

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Not all healthy drinks are created equally. Sports drinks and juices have a surprising amount of added sugar. Karuna beverages use natural sugars from the plant-based ingredients packed into every bottle. Unlike other sports drinks or juices, Karuna has no added sugar. Karuna was recently featured on Fox 2 News in St. Louis. Watch our segment [...]

Karuna at Whole Foods Market® – Galleria. Taste for Yourself!

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Karuna beverages are now available at Whole Foods Market® - Galleria! Visit us on Sunday, January 29th to experience Karuna for yourself. Starting today, you can find fresh, invigorating Karuna beverages in the cooler section of Whole Foods Market® - Galleria in Brentwood, Missouri. Stop by and pick up any of Karuna's five varieties of plant-based drinks. Taste for [...]

Package Design Featured Karuna

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Package Design featured Karuna co-founders Angela Zeng and Dr. Shawn Hu in an industry webinar and magazine article in late December. The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Webinar featured a panel of speakers with a range of experience in packaging and branding. Angela Zeng and Dr. Shawn Hu, co-founders of the Karuna beverage line, were excited to contribute [...]

Karuna Products are Available in St. Louis!

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It’s been a long journey, ensuring that our products meet our standards of quality, nutrition, and simplicity. We are excited for you to try them! Karuna products are currently available at three local yoga studios in St. Louis. Continue to check our Find Karuna page, as we start to put our products in more locations! Pure [...]