The Prebiotic Advantage

usda organicPrebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics. When probiotics and prebiotics are combined, they interact beneficially – Mayo Clinic

“A large number of human intervention studies have demonstrated that dietary consumption of certain prebiotic-containing food products can result in statistically significant changes in the composition of the gut microbiota that help improve immunity. The “prebiotic effect” has been associated with modulation of biomarkers and activities of the immune system, including a reduction of the concentration of cancer-promoting enzymes and putrefactive (bacterial) metabolites in the gut.” — British Journal of Nutrition

Most Americans get less than 4g of Prebiotics each day.

Higher intakes of Prebiotics are linked to benefits including:

  • Improved energy
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Improved digestion
  • Lower stress response
  • Better hormone balance
  • Maximizes dietary mineral absorption
  • Helps maintain healthy weight
  • Helps support the immune system

Prebiotic fiber average intake according to latest survey:

Under 4g

Minimum Recommended daily intake:

4g – 8g

Recommended daily intake to improve digestive disorders:


Aronia Berries

aronia berries
aronia berries

Small and unassuming, the aronia berry houses an intricate, tangy flavor within a deep, earthy purple, red, or black exterior. Do not be fooled by its humble size, the aronia berry is not meek – this tiny berry is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Native to North America, this efficient little fruit is filled with revitalizing vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and iron. In fact, the aronia berries found in Karuna products set themselves apart from other commonly consumed berries because of their high amount of phytonutrients, and is considered to be one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants!

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Ashitaba Plant

The Ashitaba plant (Angelica Keiskei), also called “tomorrow’s leaf” or “longevity plant” is native to the Izu islands off Japan’s Pacific coast. The nutritional value of the Ashitaba plant exceeds even the healthiest vegetables. The Ashitaba leaves provide more valuable nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin K than carrots, tomatoes or spinach. Ashitaba plant has been used in Japan for centuries both as a healthy green vegetable and as a medical plant. Due to the high antioxidant content in its sap, Ashitaba has been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, and antimicrobial properties. A most recent publication on Nature magazine demonstrated the flavonoid chalcone, the natural component in Ashitaba promotes longevity. Karuna Viva Juice is a very flavorful juice blend of aronia berry, pomegranate and beet with a hint of tasted green tea note from the Ashitaba leaves.

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High Vitamin D2 Mushroom

Mushrooms are gaining more popularities as a super food in the recent years. They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, certain species of mushrooms are used in traditional herbal remedies to improve immunities. Researches have shown that by exposing certain type of mushrooms to natural sunlight significantly increases the natural vitamin D2. Plant based vitamin D2 is not utilized as synthesized or animal sourced vitamin D3, however more and more medical researches have shown that it is just as effective as vitamin D3 in maintaining vitamin D status in human beings. Karuna Joy-D Juice is a unique tasty blend of whole peach, mandarin orange, kiwi with mushroom naturally enriched with Vitamin D2.

Most mushrooms sold on the market are grown indoors, which does not provide the right conditions to make them a significant source of the nutrients. The mushroom in Karuna Joy-D juice was co-developed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to replicate the natural growth conditions and to achieve a much higher concentration of the vitamins than those are normally found in the cultivated mushrooms.

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Mandarin Orange

Mandarin orange comes from China but then entered Europe and North America in the 19th century. It is less commonly consumed in the US due to less plantation and higher price. It is low in calories but high in vitamins, especially vitamin C and flavonoids (both are strong natural antioxidants), pectin (natural form of prebiotic), folate, niacin, and phosphorus. In addition, mandarin orange contains antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin (you can also find these antioxidants in Goji berries in Karuna Rejuvenate Juice).

The other great health benefit of mandarin orange is its skin, its skin contains many unusual compounds such as Tangeraxanthin, Tangeritin, thymol, tyrosine, tryptophan, and more. These compounds process strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activities and are believed to contribute to the uses of mandarin orange skin in treating respiratory diseases and certain infections in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use the whole mandarin orange including the skin in Karuna Joy-D Juice to further boost the health benefits of this tasty drink.

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Avocados are rich in various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and are considered as a “superfood”. They are also a good source of heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and very low in sugar. Like many other super fruits in Karuna drinks, avocados have an abundant collection of organic compounds that are strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules like phytosterols, carotenoids and flavonoids. The Karuna Avo-Keto Smoothie is a unique blend of avocado with coconut cream, ginger, lemon, and spinach with boosted natural protein from mung beans. It is completely plant based, free of heavily processed ingredients, thickeners, emulsifiers, or added flavors.

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Ginger Root

Ginger is an ancient spice with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in many folk remedies for a wide range of health benefits. Fresh raw ginger root is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisines and beverages. It is believed to be “warm” in nature and helps to boost “Yang” and energy, as well as to balance “Yin” to prevent “cold-induced” diseases. We use whole ginger roots in Karuna Avo-Keto Smoothie to balance the “cold-nature” vegetables such as spinach and lemon.

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Mung Bean Sprouts

mung bean sprouts

Mung beans and mung bean sprouts, a staple of Eastern Asian cuisine, have been a beacon of health and wellness in ancient literature for centuries. But what makes this simple, wholesome plant so popular?

For many consumers and herbalists, its fame stems from the mung bean’s professed detoxifying benefits including being a highly effective treatment for relieving an upset stomach, and for nourishing the skin. Even today, modern scientific research has indicated that these powerful sprouts and beans contain high stores of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and antioxidants

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Turmeric is a perennial herb which is found in India and boasts many health benefits, including its power to heal.

Used in many recipes, turmeric calms the body by reducing inflammation, soothing gastrointestinal irritations, and clearing toxins from the body. This superfood has also been used in herbal medicinal remedies for centuries, and its antioxidant power is believed to aid in preventing and treating cancer.

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Coffee Beans

Coffee is a staple in the American diet, providing much-needed energy in the mornings. However, the coffee beans chosen for Karuna Focus and Boost are of utmost quality. Choosing only organic, fair-trade, responsibly grown coffee beans, we know that our coffee drinks are eco-friendly – furthering the Karuna philosophy of compassion for ourselves and the earth.

Red Dates

Instead of sugar and sugar substitute, the whole dates add a natural sweetness to Karuna Synergy coffee drinks while furthering our mission of sustainability. The dates are packed full of fiber to satiate your morning hunger, and they contain essential vitamins and minerals.

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People have been growing and eating oats for more than 2000 years, it is considered one of the healthiest grains. Since the late 1980’s oat beta-glucan soluble fiber has been recognized as a beneficial dietary component. In 1997, the FDA authorized a health claim regarding beta-glucan soluble fiber from oats and reduced risk of heart disease. The oat in Karuna Pro-Fit is Swedish oat free from risk of GMO and chemicals containment’s. It is tested by the lab to ensure it is gluten free.

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Cacao is the source of original, natural chocolate. It comes from the seeds of the fruit of cacao tree. The organic, raw cacao contains high level of phytonutrients that our bodies need. It also contains high amounts of sulfur, magnesium and phenylethylamine that many processed chocolate products lack. Consuming raw cacao is shown to provide many benefits including improved focus and alertness and happy mood.

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As an integral ingredient for daily diets around the world – the black, rich, and nutty chestnuts are considered widely popular treats, however, few recognize the nutritious benefits that come in these bite-sized tree nuts. Chestnuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and also contain levels of monounsaturated oleic acid and palmitoleic acids.

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Brown Flaxseeds


One of the most primal and ancient food crops, flaxseed has been revered in civilizations around the world. From Egypt to China the flaxseed has provided a nutritious base of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

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Native to the Andean region of South America, quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse. It is one of the very few natural food crops that contains all nine essential amino acids required to produce functional proteins in the human body. Because of its healthy and balanced nutritional value, quinoa was recommended to NASA as one of the dietary choices for astronauts.

Quinoa is rich in fiber, iron, folate, vitamins, magnesium, and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Similar to the black soybean, quinoa has a low glycemic index due to its high concentration of fiber and complex carbohydrates.

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Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds is one of the oldest condiments known to man, they are good source of energy and are used for many health-promoting and anti-aging benefits. The Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that nutrients in black sesame seeds can help strengthen kidney and liver and postpone or reverse aging. As per a study done by Harvard University in 2010, black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and iron, and most people with vitamin B or iron deficiency show symptoms like hair turning gray, hearing loss and memory loss, all of which are the indicators of aging. Recent studies also suggested nutrients in black sesame seeds may help decrease the risk of cancer. According to Dr.Ronald DePhino, Principal Investigator, M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, the sesamin found in sesame seeds is found to protect the liver against the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Also, the seeds are rich in fiber, lignans (cell reinforcements) and phytosterol (phytochemicals), which can protect one against the development of colon cancer.  It also contains two powerful antioxidants, Sesamol and Sesamolina which are believed to contributing to its uses in promoting heart health.

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Goji Berries


Goji, or wolfberry, is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in food preparation Far East since ancient days, it is believed to strengthen our immune system and improve “Qi” or the energy generation system in our body. Researches have shown goji berry contains many nutrients and antioxidants that are linked to the health benefits including strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight, lower cholesterol levels, and control diabetes.

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Organic Black Soybean

organic black soy bean

As an integral ingredient for daily diets around the world – the black soybean has been celebrated by many nutritional experts dense nutritious content, and as an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Not your average grain, this humble but mighty bean is a wealth of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and home to a multitude of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, folic acid, and calcium!

Like others in the soybean family, the black soybean is low on the glycemic index due to a high concentration of complex carbohydrates. The bean is one of the richest vegetable-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and the dark pigmented exterior indicates the presence of anthocyanins – also known as powerful antioxidants. Many nutritional experts believe that the properties of the black soybean help to reduce insulin resistance, lower the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

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